We can not expect any improvement in societies where training is not taken seriously or misled. Morover, regression and decline is inevitable. Individuals and institiutions have to improve themselves in fields they feel weak. Otherwise they cannot compete and survive. Individuals and institiutions who are in continuous improvement can benefit the advantages of being in a restpectful situation by planning efficient strategies for avhieving their goals.

As a summary, it is a necessity for individuals and companies to improve themselves, update their knowledge, keep up with innovations in this fast changing World.

In short, companies know very well that they need their employees to improve in order to improve the company, and the way for that is training. It is necessary to determine the required abilities and training subjects correctly

Besides other services, Hatkotech Technological Research & Development, helps you determine your training demands with her competent staff, and realizes these trainings in a plan suitable to your needs and goals.

Training Topics

  • Project Management and processes
  • Planning management for non-planners
  • Quality Management and standards Certification Programme
  • Internal Quality Auditing
  • Risk Analysis
  • Corporate Trainings

Laurus Marine Quality Management System Consulting Training

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