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Importance of R&D activities in industry are continuously groving. Based on this fact, Hatko group of companies founded in 2011 a new R&D company Hatkotech, specialised in progressive mould technology, energy saving systems, production of electrical connectors...

Besides innovation for group companies, Hatkotech is built capable of answering R&D requests from domestic and foreign companies. Located in YTU Technopark, Hatkotech is well positioned and equipped to realize industry-university cooperation. By employing master/doctorate students, Hatkotech is also serving Turkish industry by sponsoring well educated technical personnel.

Hatkotech also employs foreign technicians and engineers expert in tool design and manufacturing, thus realising transfer of technology.

The project scope of work of preparing our engineers and technical staff continues to make significant contributions to various sectors.

Our company, when needed, to make improvements in equipment design is under study.

To become a well-known company in domestic and foreign markets.

Hatkotech is dedicated to prepare R&D projects for foreign and domestic companies while designing, improving and applying Technologies and/or prototypes necessary for these projects, and also serving in other technical and managerial subjects by supplying Hardware, software, training and consultancy in these fields.
While performing all these activities, Hatkotech is respectful to universal values, and operates according to local and international laws and directives, so as not to harm any human or animal and environment.

We appreciate, motivate and respect ideas of our employees.
We contribute to their improvement.
We are respectful and sensitive to environment.
We think customer oriented, maintain and improve customer satisfaction
We contribute to designing, improving and training of projects.
It’s our principle to be a wide visioned, self improving company
We work on continuous improvement principle, personally and company wide.

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